Top 5 Best Shopping Android Apps 2013

Shopping used to be a very exhausting and time consuming activity. But now, with your Android smartphone in hand, you’ll find it to be a relaxing, even therapeutic, endeavor. Still time consuming but at least you don’t have to rub elbows with other shoppers.

I searched for the shopping apps over the GooglePlay store and used many of them. Like always, I found plenty of apps but very few of them were worth to be listed among best shopping android apps 2013.

Official eBay Android App

Like eBay? Install the official eBay app. With this, you can easily browse and buy any product you want. You can also put your own products for sale directly from your phone. Just take pictures and upload using this app.

Amazon Mobile/Amazon Mobile (Tablet)

There are two apps from the official Amazon developers. One is optimized for smartphones and other is for tablets. Choose one that suits your device.

This Amazon app makes it easy to browse for products available at the Amazon shopping portal and buy anything that catches your fancy. If you made a purchase and you’re from the US, you can track location of your shipped products.

Wanelo Shopping

The Wanelo shopping portal is known for its unique and beautiful looking products. Every time I check on their site, I find a lot of uniquely designed products. With this Wanelo app, I can look at beautiful merchandise whenever I’m stuck in traffic or waiting for someone inside a café. Heaven in a gadget!

Barcode Scanner

Ever been to a large department store and find something that has no price tag and there’s no one to assist you? This Barcode Scanner will come in handy.

Every item in a department store has a barcode that reveals the item’s details, including the price. If you have this app installed, you can use your phone to scan the barcode and know the price of the item you wish to buy without having to wait for sales assistant. You can install this app on Android smartphone or tablet.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List

This is one stop shop for most of your shopping needs. Mighty Grocery Shopping List keeps information or data of all your shopping transactions online and allows you to make a list of the things you want to buy in the future. No more writing on a piece of paper that you might lose anywhere.

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