Perfect and Valid Link Building Techniques

Backlinks are very important to any blog or website’s success and reputation over the internet in SEO point of view. If a blog have lots of high quality backlinks then it will rank higher on search engine result pages and it will be awarded a higher PageRank by Google.

But lots of bloggers or webmasters have lost their traffic and reputation due to backlinks only. So there must be something which they did that is not liked by Google at all. Now to become a successful blogger, you need to stay away from all those methods which can result into banning of your blog.

But in starting I told that backlinks are very important, so how to build backlinks now and that too without being penalized by Google? There are ways available to build quality backlinks that I’m listing below.

Write High Quality Content

Why you blogging if you not writing valuable or high quality content which users can like and share? There are lots of bloggers who still prefer writing for search engines and these are the bloggers whose blogs get penalized these days.

So you need to write high quality content on your blog. If your blog has any low quality page then remove that immediately or edit that to add some value.

If you write high quality content then other bloggers will automatically start linking to your blog and that will build backlinks for you and that too for free. Backlinks build this way are give very high priority by Google and you need to go according to Google if you want to succeed.

Social Sharing

This is another benefit of writing high quality content i.e. users start sharing your blog on their social networks. They will start liking or tweeting about your blog which will not only bring back traffic to your blog but also increase social proof or social reputation of your blog.

Once your blog’s pages or content is being shared again and again over the social networks then it also creates backlinks and again this will be for free.

Create Videos

Users like watching videos than reading content on your blog. You can estimate the power of videos by going through the success level of YouTube. So if you helping users in a particular task then it will be better if you create a video over that and publish to YouTube. Once people find your video then they will definitely visit your blog and start sharing your blog. Now this will again create lots of valuable backlinks for your blog.

Purchase Backlinks

All above methods were best but they require lots of efforts and time. If you want quick results then you need to purchase backlinks. There are lots of groups on forums and social networks in which bloggers interact with each other and they sell and provide backlinks too.

You can purchase backlinks from over there but make sure you keep number of backlinks limited. If you purchase and create lots of backlinks suddenly then Google can easily find out that and it can result into your blog being banned. You can also try doing valuable comments of dofollow blogs.

Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.