Mobile Spying Apps Worth Checking Out

If you lost your smart phone, you need not worry and get into trouble. With the advancements in mobile technology, there is a day to day increase in the usage of smart phones. Along with the increase in popularity, it is also important to provide security and privacy to the sensitive information.

With this intention to provide high levels of security, many mobile software development companies came out with several mobile spying software programs. Below is the detailed information about the latest and most effective mobile tracking apps available:


One among the best available mobile tracking software in the current market is mSpy. It is developed with the intention to allow you to trace all the conversations and calls held through your smart phone. It is very flexible and accessible on all types of mobile operating systems. mSpy is developed with latest and advanced spying features such as bugging capability. Bugging feature is the feature that allows you to use your microphone to know the communications going on your smart phone.

There is also additional feature of recording all the conservations, email logs, internet browsing history and text and call logs. You are also provided with an option to view images, other apps, and videos that are stored on your device. With the GPS feature the location of the mobile can be easily traced and accessible. With this mSpy software, you can access the applications on target phone. Find out more at and try this software.


MobiStealth is another type of mobile spying software designed to access on all types of mobile device such as Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows. It is also provided with a real-time GPS locator similar to that in mSpy. Call recording feature enables you to record all the conversations and can even listen to them after the completion of conversation. It also has an option to view videos, pictures, logs, texts and emails. Mobistealth has also the following feature: it provides an alert when the person whom you are tracking changes the SIM card.


StealthGenie is designed to work discreetly as it will not make any sort of peeping and is invisible to the user. It is developed to work on Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices. Similar to other spying softwares, it also has the ability to listen to the calls, access emails, texts, videos and images. The appointments on calendars and books can also be accessible.


SpyBubble is another spying tool designed to work on all mobile devices. The internet browsing history, read messages, emails, and calls can be accessed. The emails and GPS location of the target device can also be accessible. Images and videos can also be accessed similar to that of other softwares.


Famous mobile spying software is Flexispy which is compatible on all types of mobile devices. All the features of accessing mobile conversations, texts, etc. are provided. It is definitely worth to try.

These are the available mobile spying softwares and based on your preferences and requirements choose the best suited one.