How to Use your Android Tablet for Business

Since its conception Android is making its presence louder and when we got the Android Tablets it hit hard the iPad market. Though still many of my friends are still in love with Apple but a substantial number of customers are using Android tablets.

Reasons can be many costs, Google connection and so on. I wanted to use Android tablet for business and got some handy tips during my research which I am sharing with you.


Either you own an established business or just starting a new one; networking with individuals, businesses, clients, and audiences is extremely important. Internet connection is the blessing via which whole of the world has shrunk to a computer. Get an internet connection; Wi-Fi is the best option as soon as you own an Android tablet.

Document management

Of course paper work has been replaced by the electronic files or soft copies or data as we call it. For every successful business a good management of these documents is necessary. For office use some office apps will be required. Android is an OS from Google and hence Google Doc is a superb office app which is available for free for Android tablets. All you would need is an internet connection. “Documents to go” is another superb app with many functions like a PC office suit. The free version is good but in case your requirement is more then you can get full version by shedding just $15. You can also try Quick Office with little bit higher price. MobiSystems and Office Suit are some other names for this purpose.

Data Sharing

Always configure Sync options; it is an efficient way to transfer data like pictures, videos, contacts, messages, emails, and more, between many devices. Go to your account settings in your tablet and you can sync your Gmail emails, contacts, calendar with Windows Outlook or other accounts.


Safe and secure platform is the primary concern of any business and hence a good anti-virus is the first software to be installed before connecting to the world via internet connection. It will keep you safe from any external threat.


A regular backup of your data will save you from any accidental or intentional data losses. In case you are interested in online backup services Google Cloud is a good option.

Maps and locations

If you travel a lot for your business then a location tracking software or service is the need of the hour. Android tablet has its Google connection and hence Google maps can be a great help on your way.

Media management

You are travelling and to rejuvenate you want to listen some music then your Android tablet will be your portable media player that manage your media files; videos, audio etc. You can watch a movie or two while on a long, boring trip. There are some very good specific apps available on Google play store like MX Player, YouTube Player, Real Player, VPlayer, RockPlayer, Winamp, TTPod, Poweramp, RocketPlayer etc.


In case storage space is constraint for you then you can try cloud storage and enjoy hassle free data. Also you can try downloading a file manager that will allow you to access external storage. For better productivity you should by a Bluetooth keyboard for long writing jobs. Download a task-killer or Task manager will allow you to close the apps that are running in the background. Keep your tablet password secure. I know it’s a trivial but very important tip when you are using your tablet especially for business purposes.

These are few heads which I thought will help to use your Android tablet for business. You can always find more. Consider this one as start. Best of luck!