How To Generate Profits By App Development

There are two different types of apps premium and free, which is developed by app developers. For the premium apps, users have to pay for the app to download it on their devices and free maps can be downloaded from on your devices. The problem that most of the developers face is the app monetization.

People download free applications on their devices neglecting the premium applications, which prove to be a great loss for the app developers. This is the reason who startapp a leading company is providing money making solution for the developers. To know more about the solutions, you can visit the official website of the company.

How to make money from app development?

There are many ways by which developers can make huge profits if they use the models offered by the company in the right way. To know more, go through the startup reviews. There are millions of developers out there and if you want your efforts to be paid, you will need to consider all the solutions deeply for the android monetization. Here is one of the effective ways by which you can make revenue.


There are different types of app advertisements such as interstitial ads, push ads, icon ads and many more. You can place the ad anywhere on his application and app and turn your app in a money making application. Android news is the great way to know more about the developments in the field and current trends as well.

The current news can be of great importance to the developers because here being up to date is the key to success. App advertisement is simple and easy and the more people will download and view the ads the more you will be able to get profits. The company also provides you with the same solution but with two unique models to imply one is the make revenue and the other is pay per download. It is the biggest android ad network, which you can utilize to your best to generate profits.

Monetize android app is not impossible as you will see there are many successful developers making name and money both. You just have to look for e right solution and implement it in the right way.

Keep on feeding latest news

Keeping up to date helps you in knowing about the current android trends, developments, applications etc. This will help you in generating new ideas how making money by generating applications. Android forums are loaded with discussions and advices from where you can learn how to develop Android apps that will help you in generating revenues. App making may be a real process but generating profit out of developing apps is a very daunting process as there are many few people who are willing to pay for the applications. You can even create freemium ads by which users will get applications for free but they will have to pay for the features and updates to enjoy the full application.