Casual Gaming at its Best: 8 Fun Windows 8 Apps

Tired of your old lineup of games and looking for the next greatest thing to load on your new Windows 8 computer or mobile device? Already, there are tons of apps to choose from, ranging from magic to zombie-killing to word-find games. Heres a roundup of the top-selling, best-rated, and all-around most fun games for Microsofts latest OS.

1. Robotek

The human race has fallen and robots have taken over the world and established the Empire of Machine. Its up to you to reclaim earth for the humans and take down the powerful empire. Use your lasers, electricity, and microwaves to take down the evil robots.

Build an army of your own bots and strengthen them to overtake the enemy, or initiate an attack of mutual destruction between your robots and your enemies. You can even steal their robots to make your group more powerful. Each battle gives you experience to level up and increase your power.

This game is free, but is supported by in app purchases along the way. Each purchase gives you energy, coins, and the other things you need to wage war against the bots. Fortunately, a purchase of energy gets you through an entire game, so you dont have to stop to recharge along the way.

2. Temple Run: Brave

Delve into Disneys version of Scotland with gorgeous scenery and lots of action. This game features simple controls, but the game action feels just right. Become Pixars heroine Merida and run, fight, slide, jump, and shoot your way through Scotland. This never-ending game goes as long as you like.

It features new environments, and a new archery feature that allows you to tap your target to hit the bullseye and earn a bonus. The demon bear Mordu is along for the ride, and beating him earns you running glory.

3. Game Dev Tycoon

Begin in the 1980s when gaming was born. Start developing your own games, and break into new technologies to expand your company and create a gaming development empire. This business-simulation game takes you through the entire history of gaming, allowing you to make industry changing (and game changing) decisions like whether to focus on gameplay or quests.

Develop bestselling games, hire and train a development team, unlock labs to gain access to the newest breakthroughs in technology, and even change the products offered. The decisions you make along the way greatly affect how the rest of the game unfolds for you. Unlike most of the newest games, this is a solo player game that doesnt focus on social or ville type play. Build the company and become legendary all on your own.

4.  Elements II Special Edition

The four fairies of the elements earth, wind, water, and fire have lost their magical powers. You must help restore their powers in this hidden object and puzzle game. You can find secrets, solve mysteries, decipher the code of the book of magic and unlock spells to assist your quest.

This game features 48 levels, 14 of which are available on the free version of the game. The free version also comes with six wallpapers and the complete soundtrack on MP3. You can compare your progress with your friends on the leaderboard while you earn points and achievements. The artwork is also spectacular.

5. Draw a Stickman Epic

This game starts out so simple, yet it quickly escalates into a frantic quest. Begin by drawing your stick figure, and creating a stick figure companion for him. Your stick figures friend soon gets gobbled up by an evil book, and you have to keep drawing weapons or helps to battle your nemesis and get your friend back.

Use pencils, drawing elements, tools, and weapons in this adventure, puzzle, RPG game. It features 14 levels of play, plus one bonus level. The way you overcome one level decides what youll be up against in the next level. Addictive and creative!

6. Word Blast

Though Word Blast isnt as visually appealing with all the colors, sounds, and music as the other games on this list, its quite challenging and the gameplay is intense enough that you wont notice the lack of highly polished graphics. It combines elements of Boggle and Hexic, offering you a pattern of letters from which you have to find words.

Swipe the screen to find the words, and if you need to rearrange the letters for some fresh perspective, simply tap the device. In the end, youll see that this this game just rules, whether its played on your heavily used cell phone, a regular-sized tablet, or an enormous table PC. The play begins at a laid back pace, but gradually increases to a frenzied flurry of activity.

7. Fruit Ninja

Its a silly concept, but in practice its a brilliant play. Become a mighty ninja and slice, carve, slash, and smash your way through this colorful display of fruit, while avoiding the killer bombs. You can play in three modes: Classic, Zen, and Arcade. Your wise ninja Sensei will follow you through your smashing journey, offering you words of wisdom and fun facts about you guessed it fruit. Along the way, you can unlock new weapons and backgrounds for even more exciting play.

8. Dredd Vs. Zombies

Become the powerful Judge Dredd, and protect the Mega-City from an invasion of zombies. There are four weapons to choose from, including the Lawgiver, Spitgun, Scattergun, and Hi-Ex Launcher. It features 30 levels of play and seven special upgrades. You keep your Law meter maxed out by killing zombies, collecting shields, and avoiding danger. Along the way, you earn stars and commendations for your skill, expertise, and accomplishments. Equipment upgrades include Body Armor, Iron Will, and other equipment, providing you with distinct advantages in combat. There are a total of 16 achievements to earn.

So, which do you prefer? Perhaps a beautiful adventure from Disney? Maybe an epic battle with zombies, or a brilliant word search? At least the games offered for Windows 8 are varied for a wide range of tastes. You can build your own business, or tear up the world of evil robots. The only thing left to choose is when you can get started!